Definition of stylishness in English:



  • See stylish

    • ‘Never mind that they showed our chaps in the dungeons, there was a certain stylishness to them that caught the dying echoes of the last blast of stiff-upper-lipped officers.’
    • ‘In both, neighbourhoods of incredible luxury and stylishness exist alongside areas of urban deprivation, with all the attendant social ills you would expect.’
    • ‘Hosting a wide range of events, from DJ sessions and art exhibitions to short film festivals and video installations, it offers up a nice mix of stylishness and art culture.’
    • ‘Early advertisements concentrated on featuring the product itself, emphasizing its unsurpassed quality, hygienic and cosmetic efficacy, and modern stylishness.’
    • ‘The combination of womanly good looks and stylishness, together with a steely personality made her a powerful force.’