Definition of style sheet in English:

style sheet


  • 1A manual detailing the house style of a particular publisher, publication, etc.

    • ‘Even consider drawing up a house style sheet for the magazine, spelling out whether certain words are always hyphenated, capitals always used for others and so on.’
    • ‘Style sheets for manuscript preparation are available on the NACTA web page or are available upon request.’
    • ‘Even more wonderfully, his natural mode of expression was at odds with that paper's style guide.’
    • ‘A resolution was passed suggesting that the ship's newspaper be turned over entirely to scholarly articles printed according to the rules of the MLA stylesheet.’
    • ‘I think the fact that I read the style guide sets me apart from everyone who actually writes for the Express.’
  • 2Computing
    A type of template file consisting of font and layout settings to give a standardized look to documents.

    • ‘If a user views an xls file using the XML style sheet, it's quite easy for an attacker to run or call executable code.’
    • ‘I have been fiddling with the style sheet for most of today.’
    • ‘You will see a slight variation on this syntax when we actually use it in the dynamic style sheet.’
    • ‘It sure looked and acted to me more like a style sheet than a template.’
    • ‘The code in the style sheet is telling the HTML page to position the DIV tag with the id of HEADER at an absolute position of 0 pixels from the left and top of the page and to be 600 pixels in width.’
    • ‘A cascading style sheet works behind the scenes to create the look of your entire site.’
    • ‘Change is as easy as uploading a new style sheet.’
    • ‘If a redesign is required, changing the style sheet is all that is necessary to change the look of the entire site.’
    • ‘By concentrating your style definition in one external file, any change you implement in your style sheet will instantly apply to all the web pages linked to it.’
    • ‘I've uploaded the new style sheet and the new html templates are there (the old ones are safely backed up).’
    • ‘They've got a PDF file that is basically a style sheet that she sent me.’
    • ‘Links to individual posts, categories or archives do not work with the new style sheet yet.’
    • ‘By placing these instructions in a style sheet, the document instance is freed from the burden of carrying format information.’
    • ‘The solution is to have a style sheet for printers (just as Digital Web Magazine does).’
    • ‘If you force your browser to refresh the page then it should pick up the new style sheet.’
    • ‘And again, as always, we can apply a rough style sheet to this document, and slap a bit of mascara on that otherwise unimpressive wall of serifs.’
    • ‘A single style sheet can be referenced from all of the XHTML pages, allowing a design to be quickly applied to the entire site or application.’
    • ‘The number of GIFs refers to all images used in the documents, including images called from the style sheet.’
    • ‘Is that a browser-controlled thing or can it somehow be addressed in a style sheet?’
    • ‘If you leave one or more values out of the declaration, it will take on its default value, even if you have previously set that value in the style sheet.’


style sheet