Definition of stupefier in English:



  • See stupefy

    • ‘Alcohol is one of our milder stupefiers and may have made civilization both necessary and possible.’
    • ‘The damage all chemical stupefiers have done to innocent bystanders such as parents and friends, is immeasurable, and so very costly to society as a whole.’
    • ‘Even without artificial stupefiers like alcohol and narcotics to help them, people routinely achieve irrelevance by adhering to or seeking out a maladaptive schema.’
    • ‘To people under twenty-five, on the other hand, the word ‘drug’ refers to a wide range of mind benders running from alcohol, energizers, and stupefiers to marijuana and other psychedelic drugs.’
    • ‘Man's principal stupefiers are not opiates, or alcohol, or even sugar - but sex, territory and self-advancement.’