Definition of stupefactive in English:



  • (of a drug) inducing unconsciousness or insensibility.

    • ‘These wines were stupefactive, because they produce forgetfulness.’
    • ‘This stupefactive power of coriander seed is a newly discovered property.’
    • ‘The whiskey being exhausted, the Indians retired to rest, under its stupefactive influence.’
    • ‘Nurses are too apt, for their own ease, to cherish the sleepy disposition of infants, and to increase it by various things of a stupefactive quality.’
    • ‘Opium and laudanum are both stimulating and stupefactive.’
    • ‘In lock jaw, and in all convulsive conditions in which opium is prescribed in stupefactive doses.’
    soporific, sleep-inducing, opiate, hypnotic
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  • A drug which induces unconsciousness or insensibility.

    • ‘Such a sleep-producing stupefactive is worthy of the highest praise.’
    • ‘Opium, and other strong stupefactives, do coagulate the spirit, and deprive it of the motion.’
    • ‘Stupefactives induce a kind of drunkenness by the grossness of their vapour.’
    • ‘While under the influence of a stupefactive or anaesthetic, the sorcerer or the person subjected to his artifices, beheld spirits or daemons.’
    • ‘Many accidents have arisen from its too general use as a stupefactive for infants.’
    soporific drug, opiate, sleeping pill, soporific
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