Definition of stupefaction in English:



mass noun
  • The state of being stupefied.

    ‘salesmen stood in bored stupefaction’
    • ‘In any case, I wound up spending two weeks in a psychiatric clinic, drugged into oblivious stupefaction, until I checked myself out.’
    • ‘His look of pure stupefaction confirms her suspicions.’
    • ‘Through the scene's plasticity and its magnificent editing mismatches, we clearly see that the event focuses all of Nick's anguish and suffering, giving a reality to his stupefaction.’
    • ‘His days became days of stupefaction, drifting away from the world in his drug-induced state.’
    • ‘Numerous art historians responded to Hockney's proposal with suspicious stupefaction, as if this avant-garde upstart were accusing the old masters of painting by numbers.’
    oblivion, obliviousness, unconsciousness, insensibility, senselessness, numbness, lack of feeling, lack of sensation, blankness
    bewilderment, confusion, perplexity, bafflement, wonder, wonderment, amazement, astonishment
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