Definition of stun grenade in English:

stun grenade


  • A grenade that produces a bright flash and a loud noise so as to stun or disorient people without causing serious injury.

    • ‘Some youths threw rocks and soldiers responded by firing tear gas and throwing stun grenades.’
    • ‘As a member of the negotiation team, I was on the police side of the blockade when scores of tear gas canisters and stun grenades were thrown into the crowd.’
    • ‘Outside the mine, police used stun grenades, teargas and rubber bullets against the strikers.’
    • ‘The competitors could use melee combat weapons, small explosives, stun grenades, precision sensors, heavy armor, stealth systems, or just about any device of their conception.’
    • ‘Then I heard the distinct sound of a stun grenade going off, closely followed by the sound of Michelle screaming.’
    • ‘The cops responded with what sounded like stun grenades and more tear gas which promptly blew back into their faces.’
    • ‘On Tuesday, French soldiers used teargas, stun grenades and water cannons to fend off protesters trying to storm their main military base in the former French colony.’
    • ‘The Longshoremen were on strike, the cabs were on strike, and dumpsters were set on fire by masked youth battling police on front lines filled with tear gas and stun grenades.’
    • ‘Police were forced to use rubber bullets, stun grenades and teargas to disperse about 120 people protesting the relocation on Tuesday.’
    • ‘It was a stun grenade, the perfect weapon for immobilizing targets for a relatively short amount of time.’
    • ‘The flash-bang was a stun grenade that got its name from the flash of light it made, as well as the sound of the explosion, which could deafen anyone within the blast radius.’
    • ‘Eyewitnesses reporting explosions, possibly stun grenades, possibly police blowing the hinges off doors as they broke into apartments and seized at least one individual there.’
    • ‘Experimentation with such tools as disabling gas, sticky webbing, stun guns, flash grenades, and stun grenades has led to the deployment of some of these nonlethal devices in police departments.’
    • ‘They might use tear gas or stun grenades and fire into the air, but they won't fire directly into the crowd.’
    • ‘Police used stun grenades and tear gas to gain entry to the flat, but did not use guns, sources said.’
    • ‘With a flash as the door was blown open and stun grenades hurled inside, officers then stormed the flat.’
    • ‘Children wave at the marines, and accept candy that the men keep in cargo pockets, alongside stun grenades and extra rifle magazines.’
    • ‘Snipers crawled into position, soldiers broke in through the hospital windows and the sound of stun grenades, pistol fire and automatic weapons was heard by journalists gathered outside.’
    • ‘They set off stun grenades and appear to have killed two of the worshippers.’
    • ‘Police used rubber bullets and stun grenades to disperse the crowd, and about 70 strikers were arrested.’


stun grenade