Definition of stumpnose in English:



South African
  • A southern African sea bream, popular with anglers.

    Rhabdosargus and other genera, family Sparidae: several species, in particular the white stumpnose (R. globiceps), which is of commercial importance

    • ‘Natal stumpnose is a common shore angling fish and Vuyiswa's work will be vital in adding to knowledge about this important species.’
    • ‘The Cape stumpnose is the dominant marine migrant in South African estuaries.’
    • ‘Rock anglers are rewarded for their patience with catches of kingfish, queenfish, kob, shad, stumpnose and pompano.’
    • ‘On several occasions there have been massive mortalities of fish with thousands of putrefying steenbras, leervis and stumpnose washing up on the shore.’
    • ‘I had no success but a few stumpnose and rockcod's were on board.’
    • ‘Kalk Bay is a little fishing village with a small harbour, where during summer there are ‘runs’ of white stumpnose and mackerel, when anglers converge on the harbour wall.’
    • ‘Winter fish would be described as snoek, mullet, white stumpnose and galjoen if you are that lucky.’
    • ‘Other popular redfish include the red stumpnose and the red roman, reaching 20 and 10 lb, respectively.’
    • ‘The Kelp Forest Exhibit is home to these fishes as well as red roman, red stumpnose, galjoen (the national fish of South Africa) and white stumpnose amongst others.’
    • ‘Fishing enthusiasts catch a range of species including the white stumpnose, but the concern is that the catch rates are too high and that this fish may become rare as in other coastal areas.’
    • ‘In September a detailed investigation on the movements and activity patterns of at least 20 white stumpnose in Langebaan Lagoon will be initiated.’
    • ‘An angler is allowed 10 fish a day and a maximum of five each of the following garrick, cob, white steenbras, shad, white stumpnose and bream.’
    • ‘Qualified divers can feed the multitude of fishes which include red roman, red stumpnose, galjoen - the national fish of South Africa and white stumpnose amongst others.’