Definition of stultifyingly in English:



  • See stultify

    • ‘This recklessness led to much soul-searching and is no doubt the reason why this election night's TV coverage was stultifyingly dull and cautious.’
    • ‘By far the most amazing thing about Halo is how mind-bendingly, stultifyingly, dull and repetitious it is.’
    • ‘After a first 30 minutes of sometimes stultifyingly boring play, it was Bergamasco who lit up the match with a glorious try.’
    • ‘But this staggering turnaround in the numbers has lost sight of the fact that last year's performance was stultifyingly bad - the worst in its 200-year history.’
    • ‘His self-loathing prevents him from even opening the door for his stultifyingly patient longtime girlfriend Penny.’