Definition of stuffing box in English:

stuffing box


  • A casing in which material such as greased wool is compressed around a shaft or axle to form a seal against gas or liquid, used for instance where the propeller shaft of a boat passes through the hull.

    • ‘Check the engine shaft and rudder stuffing boxes for steady leaks and looseness.’
    • ‘The alignment was out and the shaft was tearing up the stuffing box.’
    • ‘The bilge pump had pumped without hindrance because her leaks around the stuffing box of the engine were too small to let in material which might clog it - just big enough to keep the pump busy.’
    • ‘When they arrived in Fort Lauderdale, ready to take off to sail, their boat started leaking - the entire stuffing box had come loose.’
    • ‘It is very possible for the boat to surge back with the rudder hard over and bend or break the shaft or the stuffing box, leaving you with a catastrophic leak in the middle of a hurricane.’
    • ‘Other sources of moisture include deck leaks and, in one case, saltwater flying off of the shaft at a leaky stuffing box.’