Definition of stuffer in English:



  • See stuff

    in combination ‘a sausage-stuffer’
    • ‘In addition to TV commercials, Aykroyd appears in print and radio ads, billboards and bill stuffers.’
    • ‘Instead of anything this interesting, we just get the same old boring, contrived, generic mailbox stuffers with the candidate's mugshot, political party, electorate name and supposed attributes hastily slapped together.’
    • ‘Today, his company, the Wings of Autumn, has a reputation of being the finest animal stuffers in town.’
    • ‘Information on the Web can be more timely, he adds, and cuts down the lead time the network needs for preparing bill stuffers and ad slicks.’
    • ‘But most mornings were spent taking boxes of envelopes to and from the stuffers (as I affectionately referred to them) and making various deliveries to small businesses on the new industrial estates.’