Definition of stuff it in English:

stuff it


  • Said to express indifference, resignation, or rejection.

    ‘Stuff it, I'm 61, what do I care?’
    • ‘I hope that they tell the religionists to stuff it.’
    • ‘At the most, he should have told them to stuff it.’
    • ‘I've always believed in the when in Rome philosophy but if it means I can't go out for an innocent drink, stuff it.’
    • ‘My friends and I just thought, stuff it, why not?’
    • ‘A few limits on it, of course - the whole thing about not being related leaps to mind, and minimum ages are generally a good idea - but stuff it, let's just go for it.’
    • ‘And if someone tells you to go stuff it, don't be offended, just do it.’
    • ‘So I was working my way down the entertainment scale, about to pick up a book, when I thought stuff it, I'll go for a walk on the beach.’
    • ‘‘If I had been asked to resign, I would have told the BBC to stuff it,’ he added.’