Definition of study group in English:

study group


  • A group of people who meet to study a particular subject and then report their findings or recommendations:

    ‘study groups have been set up to examine the database available for decision-making’
    • ‘Then start over again and take it up with a study group or a couple of friends you meet with regularly, maybe over Sunday dinners.’
    • ‘By the time I'm supposed to meet my study group, I've only solved half of the problems.’
    • ‘It would serve as an excellent companion text for a Bible study group or a continuing-education class.’
    • ‘They are taking lessons in Portuguese and have begun a weekly study group for fellow Zimbabweans new to the area.’
    • ‘Once the study group has developed its recommendations, present them to the board.’
    • ‘If they set up a study group, they should make certain that Councillor Moore is one of the students.’
    • ‘She will lead a study group for students on current journalism issues.’
    • ‘There are few side effects reported in a large study group.’
    • ‘One actually has to join a group within the congregation, a choir or a Bible study group.’
    • ‘One barrier the study group seeks to remove is fees for surgery consultations and prescriptions.’
    • ‘The three of us comprised an impromptu study group for one of our MBA exams in The International Economy.’
    • ‘England, said the study group, had outstanding central defenders, but were weakened by key players not being fit.’
    • ‘Then some friends of mine and I decided to start a loosely-formed study group.’
    • ‘Over the summer, the trust created a study group to explore the implications of adding affordable housing to the UniverCity.’
    • ‘On their own initiative, the students established a study group that met regularly several times a week.’
    • ‘Today we worship together and offer a small study group to help people in this area that of our same lifestyle.’
    • ‘The study group will submit a detailed report within three months, reports our Agartala correspondent.’
    • ‘Commission a study group to see if we can spin it as a safeguard against terrorism for citizens.’
    • ‘Twenty per cent of the study group included consultants, who rarely carry out defibrillation.’
    • ‘We have tried to get her back to the study group, but she says she has better things to do now.’
    study group, workshop, tutorial, lecture, session, class, lesson, period
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