Definition of studious in English:



  • 1Spending a lot of time studying or reading.

    ‘he was quiet and studious’
    • ‘Blanche with her glasses forever perched on her blunt nose, studious and serious her face always in some random novel.’
    • ‘Serious and studious, Chen always graduated at the top of his class.’
    • ‘Serious, studious, but kind and welcoming overall, he looked and acted the same then as he does now.’
    • ‘Samuel wasn't ugly either - he had the deft, studious look of a scholar, which appeared intimidating, despite his small frame.’
    • ‘She was a classic beauty - slightly an Audrey Hepburn look-alike, but with less childish a face, more serious and studious.’
    • ‘Former neighbours recall a quiet and studious boy, who spent many hours with his late father Yusef at the local mosque.’
    • ‘She's nearly 16 now and, like the character she plays, is a studious intellectual with hyper-driven ambition.’
    • ‘He casually knocks down all the hopes of the intelligent, studious young children, assuring them that while they can be great athletes, they cannot work in any academic field.’
    • ‘At Trinity College, Cambridge, he associated with the evangelical group led by Isaac Milner, being studious and earnest, modest and timid.’
    • ‘She's serious and studious, but funny and comfortable at the same time.’
    • ‘The quiet weird new guy to boot, who was alternately normal and withdrawn, studious and disinterested in studies.’
    • ‘‘A lot of people in academia have taken the studious route all their lives; they enjoy the isolation of the ivory tower,’ says Duncan.’
    • ‘As for race and ethnicity, perish the stereotypical thought that Asians are studious and hardworking, that blacks excel in sports and music, or that Jews ever lived in tenements.’
    • ‘Evelyn was a studious, musical, intelligent and witty girl, who had a tongue as sharp as a blade.’
    • ‘I was a thoughtful & studious child and adolescent.’
    • ‘He is making so much noise in their shared room that the studious one drops his books and spends his energies in stopping the brat.’
    • ‘She always was very studious and in reality studied biochemistry and left it to follow my father.’
    • ‘It was evidence enough that Harrington is a studious learner.’
    • ‘He was quiet, thoughtful, sensitive, studious - but a bit of an apologist.’
    • ‘And even though he is quite studious there are two things he excels in that definitely make him stand out amongst my friends.’
    scholarly, academic, bookish, book-loving, intellectual, erudite, learned, donnish, serious, earnest, thoughtful, cerebral
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  • 2Done deliberately or with a purpose in mind.

    ‘his studious absence from public view’
    • ‘With studious deliberateness, Rev Good did not take his eyes of the prescripted statement, and read it slowly, carefully and word perfect.’
    • ‘It took my colleague - fortunately, conscientious and studious - to remind the Committee that that vital function should actually be adhered to in the title of this bill.’
    deliberate, wilful, conscious, calculated, intentional, volitional, designed, mannered, measured, studied, knowing, purposeful, contrived, artificial
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    1. 2.1 Showing great care or attention.
      ‘he made a studious inspection of the buffet’
      • ‘I remember the quiet coaching, the studious attention to detail, and the perfect foil for the belligerence of Telfer.’
      • ‘During his first Pro Bowl appearance last February, Muhammad took a serious, studious approach to the week.’
      • ‘That studious attention and apparent willingness to reserve judgment for at least a couple of months should provide the time for Beijing to see that the independence threat has receded.’
      • ‘His music making is serious, studious and generally imperturbable.’
      • ‘Instead of being studious, attentive, and polite little nippers, they go gaga for gifts.’
      • ‘He spent last week in Dublin Windmill Lane studious recording his album.’
      diligent, careful, attentive, industrious, assiduous, painstaking, thorough, meticulous, punctilious, zealous, sedulous, heedful
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Middle English: from Latin studiosus, from studium ‘painstaking application’.