Definition of studio couch in English:

studio couch


North American
  • A sofa bed.

    • ‘Her unabashed glee at buying her first piece of adult furniture brought to mind the years I made do with a studio couch covered with a $29.95 Indian bedspread.’
    • ‘The painting depicts two nymphets lolling on an old red studio couch, with a low horizon, a big cloud cover and a bright blue pond below the couch.’
    • ‘Jason's Childe scowled and growled for a couple of moments at his studio couch.’
    • ‘She stared at the studio couch until she convinced herself there had never been anyone there.’
    • ‘On the second day of the disaster, Samaras writes, he made four paintings in an act of renascence and then took to his studio couch for a nap, which he called a rehearsal for oblivion.’