Definition of studio in English:



  • 1A room where an artist, photographer, sculptor, etc. works.

    ‘mostly the painting is done in the studio, working from drawings’
    • ‘I'm always visiting galleries, artists' studios, art fairs, in addition to reading periodicals and fashion magazines.’
    • ‘Many major art works were destroyed, and the local artists' studios housed in the towers were wiped out.’
    • ‘We're known for being a little Mecca for artists and studios, as well as supporting the arts.’
    • ‘The walking tours differ from other art walks in that, while some are self-led, others are led by a curator who might focus on a particular studio or group of artists' studios.’
    • ‘As his reputation declined, the sculptor retreated to his studio and stopped exhibiting.’
    • ‘In 1874 Monet's Impression, Sunrise was shown at the first exhibition of a group of independent artists in the studio of the photographer Nadar.’
    • ‘Also in this part of the house are two further bedrooms, a bathroom, an artist's studio and a utility room with original flagstone flooring.’
    • ‘After he discovered the power of images as propaganda, for example, the studios of artists such as Gros, Gerard, and Isabey were busy making copies.’
    • ‘Its initial mission included providing exhibition spaces for independent curators and studios for 20 artists a year.’
    • ‘To wrap up the project, the artist visits the studio and signs the finished sculptures.’
    • ‘The new park will feature open air art studios as well as sculpture.’
    • ‘Before 1760 ‘celebrity portraits’ were viewed only by this intimate circle, in their houses or in the artists' studios.’
    • ‘Currently on view at State of the Art is a show featuring the work of artists who live along the Ithaca Art Trail, a collection of 47 artist studios located in the area.’
    • ‘Joanny spent long afternoons in the studios of artists and friends of his parents, where he studied technique.’
    • ‘Participants are invited to visit local artists' studios to view or even purchase art.’
    • ‘The Fall Art Tour, which has been held each October for eight years, invites visitors into the studios of local artists to catch a glimpse of how they work.’
    • ‘A number of artists' studios were also damaged or completely destroyed.’
    • ‘In the past, these brick relics have seen service as artists' studios, photographers' darkrooms and birdwatchers' huts.’
    • ‘We see a photo-collaged image of the artist seated in his studio next to a large photograph of a woman exposing herself.’
    • ‘There she opened Frenchman's Art Gallery and Studios, a cooperative studio and gallery where artists would work in the same space.’
    workshop, workroom, atelier
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    1. 1.1 A place where cinema films are made or produced.
      • ‘John Logie Baird, television innovator, with lots of pictures of Baird and his wonky machines, including a diagram of the early TV studios at Crystal Palace.’
      • ‘Tracking is how studios tend to estimate what kind of traction their film has.’
      • ‘The whole theory seems to evolve around the moon landing never happening and actually being shot in a film studio or other Earth based location.’
      • ‘The film's success enabled him to establish his own studio, which attracted many animators keen to embrace Williams' perfectionist approach.’
      • ‘There is also an option of extending the site He said he had favoured a proposal to create a film studio at the power station site, but that idea was no longer being pursued.’
      • ‘I want to work in a film studio or production company as a creative executive and then produce films.’
      • ‘A combination of library, cinema, academic centre and film studio, its windows glow serenely on the featureless horizon.’
      • ‘Archer met with deputy culture minister Rhona Brankin last month and discussed the possibility of a film studio based in Glasgow.’
      • ‘It operated its own studio and laboratories, functioned more efficiently.’
      • ‘I guarantee that this movie was sold to a studio based on a concept long before a word of script was written.’
      • ‘We will be shooting March 6-10 in San Francisco in a private studio.’
      • ‘The new strike force of Shaun Bartlett and Carlton Cole looked lively - although Bartlett now seems more at home in a TV studio than in front of goal with ball.’
      • ‘This is not a big studio production, made with an eye for middle America.’
      • ‘He established his own studio in his garden at Isleworth, London, with Harold Bastick as his cameraman.’
      • ‘Those who knew him away from the studio observed that he was somewhat shy, and the persona he created helped him to be a commanding presence on the set.’
      • ‘There were seven studios, the cinemas and maybe TV if your film was really popular.’
      • ‘Over the past three years, Rank has sold off holiday centres, cinemas, nightclubs, pubs and film studios.’
      • ‘A whole era of cinema will disappear with Alexandre, the studios will fall into disuse, films will be shot in the streets without stars or scripts.’
    2. 1.2 A place where musical or sound recordings are made.
      ‘the Department of Music has a professional recording studio’
      • ‘In the recording studios their emphasis on fragmentary noises and localised sound added a whole new dimension to music.’
      • ‘I think the hours mom and aunt put in at the recording studios, singing so many songs and rehearsing for them, gave them their practice.’
      • ‘Presumably he also has a fear of recording studios, which would explain the energy levels he brings to his vocals.’
      • ‘The band has been offered recording time in top studios owned by Trotwood's pals in the music industry.’
      • ‘The business has been expanded because of its revolutionary way of giving online access to professional recording studios for any amount of work without incurring hourly fees.’
      • ‘No longer, however, do you need expensive equipment and recording studios to tinker with and save the music you create.’
      • ‘After two years of mind-numbing lessons in classical music, he finally realised the degree wasn't for him and decided to set up a recording studio with one of his mates.’
      • ‘Few studio recordings have ever sounded so live and spontaneous.’
      • ‘If they were in a recording studio, a sound engineer would solve half their problems at the flick of a switch.’
      • ‘After a reported £3m refit the mansion now boasts three gazebos, a recording studio, gym and snooker room plus Versailles-style fountains.’
      • ‘You know, most recording studios are in the grimmest of locations.’
      • ‘The biggest impact on her early career came when she teamed up with Jon Hendricks and Dave Lambert, and the trio created a new sound in the recording studios.’
      • ‘If it were up to me, I'd give Vuggy a recording studio, just to see what kind of new sound they might come up with.’
      • ‘Arrangements have been made for the band to move their recording studios to a new building and details of the development will be announced in the next few weeks.’
      • ‘They also point out that the simple shape helps to accommodate the warren of recording studios required within the building.’
      • ‘The county has two main professional recording studios, which can be hired by the hour or by the day.’
      • ‘You can't get a keyboard, sax, trumpet, trombone, bass or drum player to sound better in a recording studio.’
      • ‘How many more tapes are waiting to be found in the vaults of recording studios in deepest, darkest Jamaica?’
      • ‘Their guided tour involved a look into the many recording studios with demonstrations for anyone interested in a career in sound engineering.’
      • ‘Between day jobs, Donovan studied sound recording and built the studio, amassing the gear and the expertise to manoeuvre the band's integral process.’
    3. 1.3 A room from which television programmes are broadcast, or in which they are recorded.
      ‘the broadcasts will be transmitted from the Middlesbrough studios’
      • ‘They'll enjoy a meal with Chris and will see the programme broadcast live from the BBC studios in Cardiff.’
      • ‘The studios at the BBC programme received 27 calls in 45 minutes from people with information.’
      • ‘Community studios are already established in Wrexham and Carmarthen.’
      • ‘Jamaican radio stations and their listeners will join in the party at Pebble Mill studios via chat rooms, an internet guest book and a 360 degree web camera.’
      • ‘This would house the Sonic Laboratory, recording studios, research laboratories and office space.’
      • ‘It also unveiled plans for a £600,000 Community Media and Training Centre with radio and recording studios.’
      • ‘Ocean will not share any programming with any other station and we will broadcast our main programmes from studios in Sligo, Donegal and Manorhamilton.’
      • ‘The record was mostly recorded in a residential studio, as the band were keen to distance themselves from the distractions of everyday life.’
      • ‘It would be based in the college's Arts Factory TV and radio studios and broadcast initially over the Internet.’
      • ‘There is no applause, so perhaps this performance was recorded in the studios for a later broadcast.’
      • ‘While Reid clattered around broadcasting studios explaining why sections of the security services were out to get his government, a number of senior figures within Downing Street were wincing.’
      • ‘Kirsten had graduated with a degree in music and had been working and radio stations and recording studios almost half of her life.’
      • ‘At its best, the summer school brings the Trinity College debating society or the television studio in the local parochial hall or hotel conference room.’
      • ‘And I hadn't known any other life, other than, you know, hotel rooms and concerts and records and studios and press conferences.’
      • ‘The series coincided with a push by programme makers to persuade a reluctant BBC to let them leave the studio and film on the streets.’
      • ‘Talking heads gather round tables in broadcasting studios and discuss them.’
      • ‘Radio 3 still does a great job broadcasting and recording at concert halls and festivals but the days when the BBC employed musicians to make programmes in its own studios sadly went years ago.’
      • ‘Presenter Everard Davy will host the breakfast programme from the studio in the school and some of the pupils will broadcast live during the programme.’
      • ‘Most of the material on this DVD was recorded at the studios of ORTF - the national radio and television network of France.’
      • ‘Colleagues say that he has been relying on snatches of food and drink from the hospitality rooms of television studios.’
    4. 1.4 A place where performers, especially dancers, practise and exercise.
      ‘its dance studio is spacious enough to cater for aerobics classes’
      • ‘The goal is to get dancers and nondancers alike to support their neighborhood dance studios, so the central focus will be on open studio events.’
      • ‘Once renovations are complete, the new building will host four spacious dance studios as well as office and storage space.’
      • ‘Last night at the dance studio, we practiced the rueda.’
      • ‘More than 500 dancers from approximately 50 studios and companies will perform in the event.’
      • ‘The self-funded academy has spent about £50,000 on the new building, which includes a dance studio and café.’
      • ‘When she was sure the man had gone, the shaken motorist went in to the dance studio, from where the police were called.’
      • ‘In the practice studio, this exercise lasts thirty minutes and propels performers into a trance.’
      • ‘Over the past two years Wright has been absent from the dance studio and his choreographic career appeared to be over.’
      • ‘I'm not pretending that the switch is going to be all magic, that the first day in the studio not as a dancer is going to be easy.’
      • ‘He would drag his fellow dancers into rehearsal studios during their lunch hour, or borrow any who were not needed temporarily by another choreographer.’
      • ‘The leisure club should offer a swimming pool, hot spas, steam rooms, luxury changing rooms, fully equipped gyms, dance studios and a range of keep-fit classes.’
      • ‘I picked up my stuff and we walked together from the dance studio to the gym.’
      • ‘The former interactive gallery has been transformed into classrooms which will be used by local schools, dance studios and a small performance space, with impressive views over Salford Quays.’
      • ‘This is the second year the collective put on the elaborate tap show that involves dancers and studios from all over the Lower Mainland.’
      • ‘The cafe, opened as a feature of the baths in 1937, could be replaced by a dance studio to cater for an increasing trend for indoor exercise such as Pilates and aerobics.’
      • ‘A dance studio at the stadium was given over entirely to the singer, and transformed into his dressing room.’
      • ‘The place has an amphitheatre, a dance studio, and a restaurant serving Goan food.’
      • ‘For him the most satisfying part of the job is creative engagement with his dancers in the studio.’
      • ‘They often meet for the first time in a Board of Education night class or a dance studio, where they must come to grips with the proper dance hold and the box step.’
      • ‘As Siegfried is left on his own reality returns, the studio reappears and the dancers drift back in for the next rehearsal.’
  • 2A film or television production company.

    ‘the big names are being snapped up by major studios in the film capital’
    ‘a big-budget contract with a major studio’
    as modifier ‘a studio executive’
    • ‘Bill collapsed during filming in Yorkshire Television studios in June.’
    • ‘A deal would allow TimeWarner to boost its DVD sales with the studio's substantial film database.’
    • ‘It's a bit hard to tell what films cost because studios and producers lie about it so much, but neither statement is right.’
    • ‘Mayo says talk of selling the film to production studios has been positive, although there's no contract yet.’
    • ‘By the immediate pre-war stage, the major film studios were already producing pin-up shots of their stars which were sent out as pre-film release publicity teasers.’
    • ‘He is a passionate defender of the noble art of genre film-making, something he feels was ruined by spendthrift Hollywood studios.’
    • ‘The producer at a small Glasgow television and film studio has become the first Scot to scoop a news and documentary Emmy, the TV equivalent of an Oscar in the US.’
    • ‘They include senior representatives from all the major film and television studios.’
    • ‘A film or television studio will fit the bill for a car service, but she probably paid for her own plane ticket.’
    • ‘And as major studios increasingly concentrated on producing big-budget films, independents filled a void.’
    • ‘Munich-based Kirch Holding owns the broadcasting rights to the World Cup and has film contracts with Hollywood studios, including Disney.’
    • ‘As cinema grew and the studios created their own backgrounds this ‘reality’ in film declined.’
    • ‘Fox Home Video is also set free for producing the best special edition discs of all the major studios.’
    • ‘Readers of this blog are, by definition, sophisticated and worldly-wise individuals who know full well that major film studios do not read unsolicited screenplays.’
    • ‘By the early 1990s, Disney and Warner Brothers studios opened retail stores selling animation art.’
    • ‘Bit by bit studios like Warner Brothers and MGM are opening up their vaults and letting various classics from different time periods out into the digital world.’
    • ‘It has lured Hollywood studios and production companies by initially offering a 100 per cent tax write-off.’
    • ‘Today, shorn of its Odeon cinemas and Pinewood studios, the entertainment group's tie with the film industry is limited to its Deluxe film processing unit.’
    • ‘Now, Burbank is the home to many film and television studios, including NBC, Universal, Disney, Warner Brothers.’
    • ‘In fact, in the past, student film-makers have signed deals with Hollywood studios on the basis of their graduating work.’
  • 3A studio flat.

    ‘all apartments and studios have private facilities’
    • ‘In the first development of its kind, the old Roundthorn Court in Wythenshawe has been gutted and revamped to provide 64 one-bedroomed apartments and eight studios.’
    • ‘It boasts 75 luxury apartments, ranging from studios to two-bedroomed homes.’
    • ‘Costing from £1,040 per person, the deal is based on B&B for two adults sharing a double studio.’
    • ‘Here, on the site of the former stadium car park, Bryant Homes is building 300 apartments, from studios to three-bedroom flats.’
    • ‘Each apartment has a studio as well as a living area.’
    • ‘The apartments range from open-plan studios to larger two-bedroomed homes.’


Early 19th century: from Italian, from Latin studium (see study).