Definition of studdle in English:


(also stuttle)


  • 1A post, a stake. In later use (English regional (Cornwall)): specifically a post to which an animal is tethered.

  • 2Weaving. One of the upright posts of a loom; (hence in plural) the frame of a loom. Now archaic and rare.


Old English; earliest use found in Cleopatra Glossary. Probably cognate with Old Saxon -stuthli (in tandstuthli row of teeth), Old High German -stuodal (in turistuodal, turistudil doorpost, manastuodal forearm, ell; Middle High German studel, stuodel base, post, prop, (also) part of a loom, perhaps the foot), Old Icelandic stuðill stud, prop, stay (Icelandic stuðull) from a suffixed form of the Germanic base of stud.