Definition of stubby holder in English:

stubby holder

(also stubby cooler)


NZ, Australian
  • An insulated sleeve into which a small beer bottle may be inserted to be kept cool.

    ‘the barman produced two black stubby holders with the hotel's name emblazoned on them’
    • ‘The company will manufacture and market stubby holders.’
    • ‘They were charged with giving out promotional material such as brochures and stubby holders.’
    • ‘Hands up if you have many more stubby holders in your home then you've ever actually purchased.’
    • ‘Researchers and students at the university have conducted a very important study proving, once and for all, that stubby holders do in fact keep drinks cold.’
    • ‘He said the best suggestion would win a team T-shirt, baseball cap, and stubby holder.’
    • ‘Supporters have launched a website selling stubby coolers with his face on them to raise money for his legal battle.’
    • ‘The other purpose of the stubby holder is to identify whose beer it is.’
    • ‘A stubby holder (known as a beer cozy to our US friends) is roughly the right size for many camera lenses.’
    • ‘It's a stubby holder that clearly shows the recommended and risky levels of alcohol intake.’
    • ‘The initial order of 5,000 stubby holders was grossly underestimated.’


1970s: from stubby in the noun sense ‘squat bottle of beer’.