Definition of strophanthin in English:



mass nounMedicine
  • A poisonous substance of the glycoside class, obtained from certain African trees and used as a heart stimulant.

    This substance is obtained from trees of the genera Strophanthus and Acokanthera (family Apocynaceae)

    • ‘Strophanthus gratus contains the cardiac glycoside [gamma] strophanthin and the alkaloid inoeine.’
    • ‘In fact, the discovery of strophanthin in wet African forests propelled pharmacology to a new level of interest in using plant chemicals for human medicines.’
    • ‘Strophanthin G was used as a possible suppressor of the early inflammatory changes in the sheep.’
    • ‘It differs from strophanthin both chemically and physiologically, and is nearly twice as toxic.’


Late 19th century: from modern Latin strophanthus (from Greek strophos ‘twisted cord’ + anthos ‘flower’, referring to the long segments of the corolla) + -in.