Definition of strongpoint in English:



  • A specially fortified defensive position.

    ‘his men wiped out a German strongpoint’
    • ‘The platoon attacked this strongpoint, though heavily outnumbered, and Connor himself killed two German snipers.’
    • ‘Defense requires the control of dominating heights, passes, and lines of communication by strongpoints.’
    • ‘The push inland was also aided by a renewed short-range bombardment by Allied destroyers against enemy strongpoints.’
    • ‘I traveled a few times to see their camps and strongpoints on the road leading into Thakhek from the east.’
    • ‘Yet they spearheaded any attack, searching out enemy strongpoints and gathering intelligence for the Allies.’
    • ‘Vang Pao again captured the PDJ in July and established a network of artillery strongpoints, manned by Thai gunners.’
    • ‘The chateau on the northern outskirts is a strongpoint of bunkers connected by tunnels, surrounded by dense minefields and barbed wire.’
    • ‘Heym's strongpoint is his ability to describe the habits, ways of thinking and behaviour of the various sections of the GDR elite.’
    • ‘In one instance, Fall documents the capture of the overrun Algerian troops on French strongpoint Gabrielle early in the battle.’
    • ‘The twilight wars on the periphery were sideshows from defending the main strongpoints that locked up the keys to world power.’
    • ‘A combination of convoy escort, active patrolling, and strongpoint operations has been the most successful techniques used so far.’
    • ‘France and Britain are not the only places where the cultural Left has occupied the strongpoints and besieges the inner fortifications.’
    • ‘He stares at a strategic map of the strongpoints of the city, placing squadrons which are inadequately manned, to assault the Red Army.’
    • ‘Assault teams were created to deal with German machine guns, while the main offensive bypassed these strongpoints.’
    • ‘Soon bands of hungry insurgents were ransacking strongpoints in the city for arms, powder, and hoards of flour.’
    • ‘From these strongpoints, in the 19th and early 20th centuries the British established protectorates over the Malay sultanates on the peninsula.’
    strength, strong suit, long suit, forte, aptitude, bent, speciality, specialty, métier, claim to fame, skill
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