Definition of strongly in English:



  • 1With great power or strength.

    ‘she started out swimming strongly’
    ‘the market has rallied strongly’
    • ‘Their selling is slowing, and the buying is growing and may well strongly overtake any selling remaining.’
    • ‘On a strongly running tide, fishing these shoals can be reminiscent of fishing the tumbling waters in a mountain stream.’
    • ‘She galloped strongly down the course and held off a late bid from the race favourite to secure her first high-stakes triumph.’
    • ‘Much of his work expresses complex cosmic and spiritual forces that he feels strongly surging around him.’
    • ‘They were setting it firmly into the hole, with bits of wood strongly hammered in on every side so the cross might stand more solidly and not fall.’
    1. 1.1 In a forceful or heartfelt way; firmly.
      ‘the rebel movement strongly denied responsibility for the attack’
      ‘I strongly believed in the importance of what I did’
      • ‘She strongly refuted rumours that she pursued the case for malicious reasons.’
      • ‘I am strongly convinced that evil exists.’
      • ‘We have the ability to disagree strongly yet still remain friends.’
      • ‘I have to say that I strongly agree with Gunnar.’
      • ‘Fear causes us to mistrust a group we're fearful of, and to more strongly trust the group we're a part of.’
    2. 1.2 To a great degree or extent.
      ‘he was strongly affected by the divorce of his parents’
      ‘I was strongly impressed by his enthusiasm’
      • ‘The willingness and freedom to take risks strongly impacted the character of my playing.’
      • ‘If you are not strongly disturbed several times today, you are not understanding me.’
      • ‘Some argue that the intellectual life of Bulgarians in the nineteenth century was influenced strongly by Russian culture.’
      • ‘Tidal floodplain populations in England are strongly biased towards deprived communities.’
      • ‘The committee was strongly moved by the comments from its nursing members about the differential access to treatment as a result of differences in wealth.’
    3. 1.3 In a very intense or distinctive manner.
      ‘the car smelled strongly of whisky’
      ‘a strongly flavoured cheese’
      • ‘They are among the most strongly scented of all roses.’
      • ‘The lentils were too strongly seasoned for any truffle to show through.’
      • ‘The place stank strongly of sick and wounded people.’
      • ‘The strongly pungent artemisia family is silvery and soft, but its forms develop into sprawling shrubs whose flowers are insignificant.’
      • ‘Strongly aromatic foods like Korean kimchi can really stink up a cabin.’
  • 2In a way that is able to withstand force or wear.

    ‘the wheels are strongly made’
    ‘strongly built vehicles’
    • ‘If set up strongly, firewalling will block all but the port you want open for your site.’
    • ‘The floor is made of split bamboo strongly woven, resting on timber uprights.’
    • ‘The bottom is trussed, and the two parts are strongly put together.’
    • ‘The superstructure is of brick, the walls being thoroughly grouted and strongly constructed.’
    • ‘Partition units are made of heavy rolled steel sections strongly assembled and carefully finished.’