Definition of strongbox in English:



  • A small lockable box, typically made of metal, in which valuables may be kept.

    • ‘Its giant gilded strongbox glared bullion-brilliant, and paradoxically appeared to float at the centre of a giant olive-green pool.’
    • ‘Elegant and inventive, all are in effect strongboxes, made of toughened laminated and bonded glass.’
    • ‘When a retired bank employee linked to the missing strongbox turns up murdered, Frost has to go after that killer, too.’
    • ‘A scroll was left on the nightstand, and the figure stooped to open the strongbox and swiftly redistribute the coins.’
    • ‘My data is my life, and I won't keep it in a strongbox that someone else has the keys for.’
    • ‘Here they find a mysterious island where their father has a metal strongbox buried in a ruined outhouse.’
    • ‘Wastes were also discharged to the river from a paper mill, a hospital, and a strongbox manufacturing factory.’
    • ‘They had control of the home while their husbands were away, and were responsible for the keys to their property, strongbox and resources.’
    • ‘Inside the bank cubicle Tess picked up the strongbox and opened the door a crack.’
    • ‘A pair of shoes is set neatly on the wooden floor, a strongbox is just visible beneath the bed, and at its foot is a blanket trunk.’
    • ‘He went to the closet and found his strongbox intact.’
    • ‘ThinkEquity is just one of the companies finding that a few of its secrets are worth more in the open than gathering dust in a strongbox.’
    • ‘Eventually, he did come across some documents found in a lead strongbox (found by a very old doctor).’
    • ‘For Prints, Conner arranged a set of his fingerprints produced at the Palo Alto Police Department along with a strongbox containing file folders.’
    • ‘Unlike back home where my money probably wouldn't exist anywhere but in a computer, my pay would be in cash stored in the treasury strongboxes.’
    • ‘The strongboxes were never found, though a fair selection of notes were found ‘washed up‘.’
    • ‘Turning from the strongbox, he walked towards the door and left the room.’
    • ‘I took them out of her strongbox and nobody even noticed it.’
    safe, safety-deposit box, safe-deposit box, coffer, cash box, money box, money chest, locker, repository
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