Definition of stromatoporoid in English:



  • An extinct sessile coral-like marine organism of uncertain relationship that built up calcareous masses composed of laminae and pillars, occurring from the Cambrian to the Cretaceous.

    • ‘Nevertheless the rugose corals remained subsidiary components of reefs relative to tabulate corals and stromatoporoids.’
    • ‘Other faunal elements include colonial and solitary corals, encrusting bryozoans, stromatoporoids, and rare brachiopods.’
    • ‘The stromatoporoids had massive calcareous skeletons that are preserved as rather conspicuous fossils.’
    • ‘However, in many reefal carbonates stromatoporoids are the only recognizable fossils available to the biostratigrapher.’
    • ‘The main victims were the major reef-building organisms: the stromatoporoid sponges, and rugose and tabulate corals.’


Late 19th century: from modern Latin Stromatopora (genus name), from stroma, stromat- ‘layer, covering’ + -pora.