Definition of strobing in English:



mass noun
  • 1Irregular movement and loss of continuity sometimes seen in lines and stripes in a television picture.

    ‘the coloured strobing of his shirt’
    as modifier ‘the reporter in the strobing jacket’
    • ‘The brilliant orb of light was strangely captivating, perhaps in part due to the strobing effect the lizard's rapidly fluttering wings created.’
    • ‘It is quite grainy at times, and there were some notable instances of strobing and pixelation around bright light sources.’
    • ‘There are some major instances of strobing and chroma noise in clothing patterns, notably men's tweed hats and jackets.’
    • ‘Can anyone explain why having one artist having one song with some strobing would ruin an entire weekend's viewing?’
    • ‘The trio turned en masse to face down their author, faces bleached in the strobing.’
  • 2Jerkiness in what should be a smooth movement of an image on a screen.

    ‘an effect known as image strobing’
    as modifier ‘a strobing effect’
    • ‘Of course, the film's digital color processing and photographic strobing gives many scenes an oddly pixilated quality.’
    • ‘I tried to work out the image behind the strobing.’
    • ‘Backgrounds show headache-inducing strobing and flickering.’
    • ‘At one point I'm convinced the insane strobing effects must be scorching my retina beyond repair.’
    • ‘The garage was dark except for the strobing blue glow of a TV set.’