Definition of strobilus in English:


nounPlural strobili

  • 1The cone of a pine, fir, or other conifer.

    • ‘The microsporophylls of cycads are arranged in strobili and bear clusters of microsporangia on their abaxial surface.’
    • ‘At the tips of reproductive branches are the ‘cones,’ or strobili, which consist of tightly packed appendages called sporangiophores.’
    • ‘Immature female and male strobili cones were harvested from a 40-year-old Norway spruce tree, 2 weeks prior to pollen release.’
    • ‘Note that this is a strobilus with possible homology to the ovule-bearing cone of conifers.’
    • ‘In this case, ‘cone’ is a colloquial term for a woody strobilus.’
    1. 1.1 A structure resembling the cone of a conifer, such as the flower of the hop.
      • ‘While many lycophytes have their sporophylls scattered along their stem, most produce them in a strobilus.’
      • ‘Unlike most seed plants, however, the pollen and ovule-bearing organs are usually produced together in a bisporangiate strobilus called a flower.’


Mid 18th century: from late Latin, from Greek strobilos, from strephein ‘to twist’.