Definition of strip light in English:

strip light


  • A tubular fluorescent lamp.

    • ‘Sleek, industrial-design future furniture battles with the grit of chain-link fences and soul-eating neon strip lights.’
    • ‘The only sounds were the occasional flip of the security guards newspaper pages and the incessant hum of the fluorescent strip light above us.’
    • ‘All the objects have purpose-built rectangular cabinets projecting from the walls, each with an internal strip light.’
    • ‘The girls' high-street finery, a Lycra mishmash of tat and glitter, sparkles feebly under red, yellow and purple neon strip lights.’
    • ‘And with that the strip light gives out and dies.’
    • ‘But what happens when the strip lights stop working?’
    • ‘A strip light was set embedded into the wall about a foot above the bench.’
    • ‘There was very little lighting there, other than a bare strip light behind the trestle table at the front of the room, silhouetting whoever was speaking.’
    • ‘The apartments are lit by low voltage halogen strip lights which have been angled to highlight furniture and some interesting prints.’
    • ‘I again secured all our lights, except the green strip lights and the white taillight.’
    • ‘Underneath, a red strip light has been fitted to create a floating effect.’
    • ‘In one corner of the dressing room, Tilly wails upon beholding her face under the harsh strip lights.’
    • ‘We also threw strip light bulbs into the mysterious bath which was quite spectacular.’
    • ‘Inside were already another 50 or so souls, under the burning fluorescent strip lights, already having nabbed the prize ‘corner and walls’ slots.’
    • ‘Nearer to him the yellow-orange strip lights suspended along the arched ceiling of the tunnel provided a little more illumination.’
    • ‘It had, like the rest of the corridors in the building, cool blue walls on one side, which was illuminated by overhead strip lights.’
    • ‘Even sleeping was a problem since the two fluorescent strip lights on the ceiling were left on day and night.’
    • ‘It is also on the edge of a conservation area where blue strip lights just aren't appropriate.’
    • ‘It was a dull metal box with a strip light, and like the hallway, it held an unpleasant odour.’
    • ‘The strip lights above you cast a sickly ghostly light through the metal cubicle.’


strip light

/ˈstrɪp lʌɪt/