Definition of string bass in English:

string bass


  • (especially among jazz musicians) a double bass.

    • ‘Kaeshammer performed with drums and string bass to an ecstatic crowd.’
    • ‘With bassist John Heard at Hamp's elbow, their string bass and vibes merged solidly throughout the program.’
    • ‘The ensemble includes a six-string guitar, 12-string guitar and string bass.’
    • ‘They had this pretty nice blue Tobias five string bass hanging on the wall in their used pile.’
    • ‘Twin-fiddles and acoustic guitar make up their distinctive sound, augmented with banjo and mandolin, with the addition of string bass and drums for some shows.’
    • ‘‘The Bells’ drifts lazily on the gentle dissonant pulsations between bass clarinet and string bass.’
    • ‘Saxophone, flute and a string bass were added to the texture.’
    • ‘The outstanding rhythm section included pianist Claude Hopkins, Arvell Shaw on string bass, and Buzzy Drootin at the drums.’
    • ‘The basses imitate the string bass, and some members, at least, have learned how to imitate the jazz drummer's brushes on cymbals.’
    • ‘Its main riff is powered by Perry playing a six string bass, which is why that riff sounds so low down, dirty, and evil.’
    • ‘In solo passages, the piano, trumpet, and string bass, among other instruments, were all alive in their different registers.’
    • ‘In dance music, however, unaccompanied performance was common, though a harpsichord is often mentioned as an alternative to the string bass.’
    • ‘With Bob Finch's string bass at his side and pianist Si Perkoff or Bob Smale percolating at the keyboard, they generate a remarkable drive.’
    • ‘He is currently studying jazz at Humber College and performed a stellar piano jazz number accompanied by trumpet, string bass and drums.’
    • ‘We would be very interested in hearing from any cello, oboe, or string bass players who may be lurking in the county.’


string bass