Definition of string-puller in English:



  • A person who is in control of events or other people's actions.

    ‘Lynch was the main string-puller, nailing the last-minute point that ensured victory’
    • ‘If the elite press and its string pullers have decided that the political mood is conservative, the last thing I want to do is accommodate it.’
    • ‘She acted as patron to many emerging politicians, was an unflagging correspondent, and a relentless string-puller.’
    • ‘All his life, Barrie was a phenomenal string-puller.’
    • ‘A dishonest MP can lose his seat on the whim of his electorate; not his party's string-pullers.’
    • ‘As the string-puller, he frequently flies between the two countries.’
    • ‘Perhaps they knew that he was the chief string-puller on a web of partnerships that were hiding billions in debts.’
    • ‘The string-pullers behind this system have no national allegiances.’
    • ‘Would he even exist politically without his controversial political consultant and lobbying string puller?’
    • ‘While only time will tell if he is right, it means the end of Beckham as United's midfield string-puller.’
    • ‘I don't like to be a string-puller, but if I think of something that's missing, I like talking to the engineers.’
    • ‘The string-pullers have a cosy and convenient relationship with the editors of the country's top-selling newspapers.’
    manipulator, manoeuvrer, mover, worker, mover and shaker, wheeler-dealer
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