Definition of striking price in English:

striking price


  • another term for strike price
    • ‘Each month, I sold 10 Calls with short-term expiration dates and a striking price of 10.’
    • ‘For put options it is the difference between the striking price and the stock price, if that difference is positive, and zero otherwise.’
    • ‘For many investors, the options market is a confusing jumble of striking prices, expiration months, straddles and strategies.’
    • ‘As per the options contract, the trader has to sell the 100 shares of XYZ at the striking price of $45 and so he receives $4500 for the shares sold.’
    • ‘The calculations have taken into account that the striking price will not be adjusted by payment of dividend.’
    • ‘All new striking prices will be added prior to the opening of trading on the following business day.’
    • ‘The striking price is 40 and the expiration date is December 19, 1992.’
    • ‘A Put Option gives you, the holder, the right to sell the underlying security at the striking price at any time until the expiration date of the Option.’
    • ‘Each of these striking prices will have a different cost.’
    • ‘This is possible if you sell calls with striking prices below your original basis in the stock.’
    • ‘The logical conclusion is, therefore, to sell the near-term option with a lower striking price.’
    • ‘By doing this while still keeping the striking prices wide apart, the trader will have a relatively low-cost spread with decent profit potential.’
    • ‘This balance is usually realized by writing calls when the stock is near the striking price, either slightly in or slightly out of the money.’