Definition of strike rate in English:

strike rate


  • The success rate of a sports team, typically in scoring goals or runs.

    • ‘Yet despite this phenomenal strike rate of nearly a goal every two games, nobody has really taken any notice.’
    • ‘During the intervening years he has the impressive strike rate of 48 tries.’
    • ‘He now has 21 goals for his country in 26 appearances putting his strike rate up there with any forward in the world game.’
    • ‘A better supply of early chances up front from midfield and the wingbacks would increase the strike rate and goals scored.’
    • ‘However, while they do remain the highest goal scorers for the season thus far, the strike rate is falling at an alarming rate.’
    • ‘The 28-year-old averages about a goal every other match in league competition, a superb strike rate in Italy.’
    • ‘Frankly, the U.S. needs a better strike rate, a better percentage of success.’
    • ‘He is a quality player who has an amazing strike rate.’
    • ‘His strike rate is very high, which is laudable.’
    • ‘Nazir had the best strike rate, averaging a wicket every 27.12 balls, ahead of Anyon, those being the only two to break 30.’
    • ‘He averages 40 with a high strike rate of 75 runs per 100 balls and has the knack of taking important wickets at crucial times.’
    • ‘It was not through lack of application that Kilmarnock had not scored and bettered their home strike rate.’
    • ‘He also had a superb strike rate in Scotland - scoring 93 goals in 163 league starts for Queen of the South.’
    • ‘Some believe that de Vries is over-rated, and he can certainly look clumsy, but there is no arguing with his strike rate.’
    • ‘They have a strike rate of in excess of 60 per cent at home.’
    • ‘The result was that Shepherd had the highest strike rate of that year's championship, recording an 87% success rate.’
    • ‘Heskey has silenced his critics this season and has had a phenomenal strike rate.’
    • ‘That's far from ideal, especially given the miserable strike rate the Connacht champions have had in All-Ireland quarter-finals.’
    • ‘He scored heavily against all opponents in all conditions with a high strike rate.’
    • ‘At a strike rate of 1 in 3 or 4 this would equate to around 100 chances.’


strike rate