Definition of strike a blow for (or against) in English:

strike a blow for (or against)


  • Act in support of (or opposition to)

    ‘a chance to strike a blow for freedom’
    • ‘The Board of Education has struck a blow for enlightenment and tolerance - not for homosexuality.’
    • ‘A court ruling last week struck a blow against that strategy, but the battle has just begun’
    • ‘And today we struck a blow for freedom by cutting off their money - one of their money sources.’
    • ‘In Hoffman Plastics, the Supreme Court struck a blow against the rights of undocumented workers.’
    • ‘It strikes a blow for democracy and human rights at the heart of the present US Administration.’
    • ‘The girls see themselves as striking a blow for women everywhere through the medium of rock music - in the nude.’
    • ‘The U.S. Supreme Court last week struck a blow for privacy at the expense of the public's right to know.’
    • ‘Terrorism creates fear among people and strikes a blow against trust and confidence.’
    • ‘In spite of the best efforts of the Justice Department, the librarians have struck a blow for free speech and won.’
    • ‘By withdrawing I struck a blow for civility, although, with those two I fear there is little hope.’
    • ‘I'm not suggesting the kids are striking a blow for artists rights by boycotting the unfair system.’
    • ‘This would not only strike a blow against terrorism but for freedom in the region.’
    • ‘It was at Harpers Ferry in 1859 that Brown's raid against slavery struck a blow for freedom.’
    • ‘It followed, he reasoned, that software can strike a blow against the culture of art and ownership.’
    • ‘But we should not be deluded into thinking that we have struck a blow against terrorism.’
    • ‘And it has just struck a blow for liberty by refusing to pass Government plans to curb trial by jury.’
    • ‘The Court didn't show any restraint and struck a blow against our tradition of self-government.’
    • ‘Then, satisfied that I had struck a blow for humanity, I turned and walked away, never stopping to look back.’
    • ‘Every time you see an indication of someone who has cleverly struck a blow against the System, especially through Art, I sense the work of the Satellite.’
    • ‘International trade agreements lowering tariffs, however, do not need these high hurdles because they promote liberty and strike a blow against special interests.’