Definition of strike (or touch) a chord in English:

strike (or touch) a chord


  • Cause someone to feel sympathy, emotion, or enthusiasm.

    ‘the issue of food safety strikes a chord with almost everyone’
    • ‘Ang Lee's martial arts romance - a tale of thwarted love and tortured honour among warriors in Han-dynasty China - has touched a chord with film-goers on both sides of the Atlantic.’
    • ‘Spear claims he is only making music about what he knows and if that touches a chord in his listeners, so be it.’
    • ‘Sunitha touched a chord when she said, ‘This is a journey for evoking generosity, hope and happiness.’’
    • ‘The reaction has been mixed, but when an organisation like the Consumers' Association supports it, you know that it is touching a chord with the ordinary people of the country.’
    • ‘I think it strikes a chord because it reflects the authors' enthusiasm and passion for their pursuits, however various, and their love of exploration and learning.’
    • ‘I feel women directors bring a refreshingly emotional approach to films, which strikes a chord with the masses.’
    • ‘It touches a chord somewhere and people think it's great fun.’
    • ‘His writing was funny and touched a chord with millions of people.’
    • ‘But there has to be something about the character that strikes a chord in you emotionally.’
    • ‘Her enthusiasm apparently strikes a chord as more and more women become involved in a formerly forbidden athletic arena.’