Definition of strike-breaker in English:



  • A person who works or is employed in place of others who are on strike, thereby making the strike ineffectual.

    • ‘Northwest is hiring strike-breakers at the Doubletree Hotel in Romulus, only a mile-and-a-half from here.’
    • ‘Management claims that its operations are almost normal because 1,000 workers returned to work after LCMC started hiring strike-breakers in early July.’
    • ‘They pose as recruiters, but both the local mayor and the miners assume they will be strike-breakers.’
    • ‘Southampton fans became known to Portsmouth supporters as ‘scummers’, an insult initially directed at the strike-breakers.’
    • ‘The Kerala police chief also appealed for people ‘to confront the strike’ and assist strike-breakers.’
    • ‘In some workplaces part-timers were not part of the bargaining unit, and thus potential strike-breakers.’
    • ‘The government has threatened to declare any action illegal and use strike-breakers to maintain services.’
    • ‘The Municipal Corporation has employed strike-breakers.’
    • ‘I've got strike-breakers on speed-dial, Norma.’
    • ‘Striking workers were attacked by paid strike-breakers and police - many were literally beaten to death on behalf of the state.’
    • ‘Photographs from the time show pickets trying to stop strike-breakers entering Warner Brothers in 1946.’
    • ‘It illegally sacked its entire waterfront workforce and attempted to replace them with secretly trained strike-breakers.’
    • ‘Originally VW contemplated closing the works for two or three months in order to train strike-breakers.’
    • ‘The local press ignored them, probably because there was no colliery in the community and there was therefore no local story of strike-breakers crossing picket lines.’
    • ‘Despite the flimsiness of the evidence against him, town inhabitants are whipped into a mob frenzy by a man who acknowledges that he is a strike-breaker.’
    • ‘Last month a professional strike-breaker ran down and critically injured a strike supporter.’
    • ‘The plan had been to lock strike-breakers in spare bedrooms so they couldn't speak to current workers.’
    • ‘In order to achieve its demands, Northwest provoked a strike and invested millions of dollars to train strike-breakers.’
    • ‘Other issues related to picketing were the number of strike-breakers and the way striking miners treated them in the local community.’
    • ‘The workers are also concerned about the NAC's willingness to employ strike-breakers.’