Definition of stridulation in English:



  • See stridulate

    • ‘However, cicadas produce their sounds - the loudest of any insects’ - not by stridulation but by vibrating membranes, or tymbals, located on their abdomens.’
    • ‘Schizocosa uetzi males have black pigmentation over the middle portion of the tibia of their forelegs and use a courtship display consisting of a stationary stridulation with an intermittent slow foreleg arch.’
    • ‘Recent studies have shown that stridulations are also initiated to recruit workers to an attractive food source, and that these vibrations are transferred to the substrate through the ant's head.’
    • ‘Many biologists have studied the neural control of sound production since Huber's pioneering work in the 1950s on command systems for stridulation in crickets.’
    • ‘In all species of Laupala, the male song structure is simple, consisting of a rhythmic train of pulses produced during courtship by stridulation of the forewings.’