Definition of stridulate in English:



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  • (of an insect, especially a male cricket or grasshopper) make a shrill sound by rubbing the legs, wings, or other parts of the body together.

    ‘the insects buzzed, whined, hummed, stridulated, and droned’
    ‘stridulating male crickets’
    • ‘High-frequency, stridulating muscles of katydids also have a mitochondrial volume of over 40%.’
    • ‘In the stridulating millipede Loboglomeris pyrenaica, the male grasps one antenna and one vulva of the female with his telopods and then proceeds to stridulate until the female is receptive.’
    • ‘An arachnologist says most spiders stridulate too quietly for humans to hear; an exception is Australia's barking spider, a kind of tarantula that lets out a hissing sound when threatened.’
    • ‘Sound production in Libanasidus is similar to that of many New Zealand weta, where the males stridulate by rubbing the lateral abdominal stridulatory pads against the modified inner surfaces of the femora.’
    • ‘Spiders produce vibration ‘… by drumming with the pales and the abdomen, by stridulating, or by plucking threads of their own or other spiders' webs’.’


Mid 19th century: from French striduler, from Latin stridulus ‘creaking’, from the verb stridere.