Definition of striate in English:


Pronunciation /ˈstrʌɪeɪt//ˈstrʌɪət/


Pronunciation /ˈstrʌɪeɪt//ˈstrʌɪət/
  • Marked with striae.

    ‘the striate cortex’
    • ‘The posterior part of the calcarine sulcus has been referred to as an ‘axial sulcus’ because it runs longitudinally through the visual striate area and its margins contain much of the center for vision.’
    • ‘Broadly speaking, the extrastriate areas of the cortex form two broad processing ‘streams', both originating in the striate cortex.’
    • ‘The normal visual evoked potential reflects the functional integrity of the visual pathways from retinal to occipital striate area.’
    • ‘This component of the response involves rhythmic contractions of the striate bulbocavernosus and ischiocavernosus muscles and results in seminal expulsion (ejaculation).’
    • ‘These are important striate branches of the middle cerebral artery, destined for the corpus striatum, internal capsule and associated structures.’
    • ‘The surface is longitudinally striate, the striations possibly representing fine veins.’
    ridged, fluted, channelled, furrowed, grooved, crimped, folded, crinkled, crinkly, puckered, creased, wrinkled, wrinkly, crumpled, rumpled
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[with object]
Pronunciation /strʌɪˈeɪt/
  • Mark with striae.

    ‘you can emboss, pierce, or striate wood’
    • ‘Yesterday, under a blue sky striated by the white contrails of jets, Stack was laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery.’
    • ‘An eternity later, or so it seemed, Urga pulled back, striating herself and walking back to her original spot across the fire.’
    • ‘Many of them had been replanted since the war had finished, and now there were uneven lines of green shoots striating the mud.’
    • ‘Hardrock surfaces are moulded into characteristic forms such as roches moutonées, which are left striated and grooved.’
    • ‘The background is striated with black diagonals.’
    • ‘He gripped the sharp stick, half as tall as he, tightly, his powerful muscles striated and weakened from the terrible fen.’
    • ‘The esophageal musculature is striated in the proximal esophagus (down to the level of the aortic arch) and is separated by a short transition zone from the smooth muscle portion of the esophagus.’
    • ‘The gray pupils are glazed and the yellowed whites are striated with red.’
    • ‘I have a vivid memory of one particular image - a guy lying on his back, stretched out, muscles striated.’
    • ‘There was a faint hint of jalapeños in the stuffing and the golden exterior was striated with a slightly sharp melted cheese.’
    • ‘Why isn't presenting the ideal shape of the muscle as important as the fact that it is striated in the first place?’
    • ‘It's steep, striated with relentless cliff bands, and built with rock so loose the climbing is often like scrambling up a gravel pile.’
    • ‘Ahmad's pictures speak for themselves as he appears to be striated from head to toe!’
    • ‘The walls that open to the light well are striated into four horizontal bands of three materials.’
    • ‘Consider the arms as they press the long brass tube against the buffer: they are striated along the triceps, the three heads of which clearly show.’
    streak, stripe, band, line
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