Definition of stress fracture in English:

stress fracture


  • A fracture of a bone caused by repeated (rather than sudden) mechanical stress.

    • ‘It was later discovered, however, that the filly sustained a stress fracture to a cannon bone in that race.’
    • ‘But injuries continue to dog his career, a stress fracture of the foot being the latest.’
    • ‘On the basis of this scan and the physical examination, the diagnosis of ulnar stress fracture was made and the patient was treated accordingly.’
    • ‘In cases in which MRI scan does not reveal stress fracture, clinicians may consider using bone scintigrams.’
    • ‘A hospital scan has revealed a muscular problem rather than any stress fracture but the injury is still expected to sideline Hoggard for at least a fortnight.’
    • ‘Last year, he was plagued by an ankle injury and a painful stress fracture in his lower left leg that made it impossible for him to run.’
    • ‘Although its cause remains obscure, the problem most likely begins as a stress fracture.’
    • ‘Plain radiography and bone scans may be used to detect calcaneal stress fracture.’
    • ‘After the metatarsals, the calcaneus is the most common location in the foot for a stress fracture.’
    • ‘He returned today, and a foot x-ray revealed a stress fracture of the third metatarsal.’
    • ‘To compound her problems, she also had a minor stress fracture in her left foot and a bone spur.’
    • ‘Pain with bony palpation may indicate fracture, stress fracture, or insertional tendinitis.’
    • ‘There is some doubt in his voice as he discusses recovering from the stress fracture that was his first major injury.’
    • ‘Most fractures can be clearly diagnosed by X-ray, although some types, such as a fracture of the base of the thumb, or a stress fracture, do not show up reliably.’
    • ‘Your doctor may order a bone scan to help diagnose subtle or hidden bone fractures that may not show up on a routine X-ray, such as a stress fracture.’
    • ‘Even his latest injury, a stress fracture of his left foot, side-lining him for the best part of a month, has been presented as a big advantage.’
    • ‘An MRI scan revealed the stress fracture in May, but the 16-year - old has been given the medical all-clear.’
    • ‘Then came yet another cruel twist when scans revealed a stress fracture of the upper tibia in his left leg.’
    • ‘Approximately 60 percent of persons with a stress fracture have had a previous stress fracture.’
    • ‘The diagnosis was a double stress fracture of his back.’