Definition of streptomycete in English:



  • A bacterium which occurs chiefly in soil as aerobic saprophytes resembling moulds, several of which are important sources of antibiotics.

    Streptomyces and related genera, order Actinomycetales; Gram-positive filaments forming chains of spores

    • ‘The number of genes encoding Nudix hydrolases varies widely, from zero in most Mycoplasma species to around 30 in streptomycetes.’
    • ‘In nature, tetracycline is produced by streptomycetes, moldlike bacteria commonly found in soils.’
    • ‘This applies not only for molecules with an antibiotic activity like in the case of streptomycetes but also for compounds that may play a role in cell processes like signaling and communication.’


1950s: anglicized singular of modern Latin Streptomyces, from strepto- ‘twisted’ + Greek mukēs, mukēt- ‘fungus’.