Definition of strenuousness in English:



  • See strenuous

    • ‘Although secretly piqued by Jake's comments and judgment, Luke decided that the current situation didn't need extra strenuousness.’
    • ‘It is also important to repeatedly remind participants to watch for overheating during the cardiovascular segment of the class - the water's coolness keeps the heart rate lower and can mask the strenuousness of the exercise.’
    • ‘The strenuousness and power of a godward life shows itself in the privileges and responsibilities laid upon the Christian by this identity.’
    • ‘It was nearly a full mile to the house at the end of the path, and it was only the heat of the day and the strenuousness of the exercise that prevented him from calling out to the inhabitants of the house.’
    • ‘His preferred terms of admiration reflect the Victorian preoccupation with ‘character’, inflected perhaps by his endorsement of strenuousness as the essential ingredient of moral heroism.’