Definition of strelitzia in English:



  • A southern African plant of the genus "Strelitzia" (family "Strelitziaceae" ), especially (in gardening) a bird of paradise flower.

    • ‘It's on days like these - when the plaster cast has come off, that I need to paint my monkeys next to the strelitzia flower.’
    • ‘The Consultant grew two or three strelitzias from seed about eight years ago, and very kindly gave me one.’
    • ‘Large tropical flowers, like heliconia and strelitzia, are good, too.’
    • ‘It is planted with many varieties of Cape fynbos, cycads, huge strelitzias, beds of clivias, large arum lilies, proteas and trees such as yellowwood and cabbage.’
    • ‘Although one certainly wouldn't call the work representational, the apparently abstract lines, forms and colours she chooses clearly reference bones, strelitzias or wings amongst other things.’


Named after Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz (1744–1818), queen of George III.