Definition of streetscape in English:



  • A view or scene of streets, especially in a city.

    • ‘In the streetscape of Molesworth Street - which is a design that maximises the number of car parks, the only thing that we can give up, is car spaces.’
    • ‘It will add greatly to the urban streetscape and to the enjoyment of the city by the people of Waterford.’
    • ‘Barriers, temporary and permanent, almost inevitably detract from the quality of streetscapes and landscapes.’
    • ‘There are some very interesting buildings and streetscapes opposite it, and it does not fit happily at all.’
    • ‘A £110,000 cash injection will transform the streetscape of Trowbridge as town leaders bid to clean up the county town's image.’
    • ‘Towns, cities and villages across Yorkshire have distinctive characters, which should be reflected in their streetscapes.’
    • ‘The future of the site, one hopes, lies not in rebuilding inhumane trophy towers from the past in the kind of windswept plaza that has destroyed the streetscapes of American cities.’
    • ‘Admittedly instant streetscapes and arcadian landscapes don't seed at the same pace, yet they are both populist responses to the ‘problem’ of the built environment's rather tiresome insistence on weathering at a stately pace.’
    • ‘You'll recognize some of the locations - our own city is represented through Fort Edmonton's reconstructed streetscapes of Jasper Avenue.’
    • ‘They worried that positioning it near or over a glass-ceilinged train station would have a negative effect on the surrounding streetscape, view corridors, and civic life.’
    • ‘The relocation of Sixth Street, set to start in the fall will include underground wiring, new sidewalks, new landscaping and an improved streetscape, Nicholls said.’
    • ‘It will be hard to argue that this building does not make a handsome contribution to the streetscape of Front Street and that it is not an integral part of the village community.’
    • ‘In addition to taking fine portraits, he was especially good at recording streetscapes in the old city and at composing architectural photographs.’
    • ‘An annual windfall of up to £83m could be ring-fenced to create an improved business environment, through better roads, streetscapes, traffic control, and offering a better service for tourists.’
    • ‘Already the evolving streetscape of River Street is safer traffic-wise, more exciting visually, inviting for shoppers and pedestrian friendly.’
    • ‘But it may not be the best time to insist on a discussion about city visioning and livable streetscapes.’
    • ‘This exhibition contains photographs of the Portlaoise streetscape enabling people to view the same scenes pictured in three different eras.’
    • ‘‘We are fortunate in Yorkshire and the Humber to have such a rich historic environment from high quality streetscapes, to mills, workshops, stately homes and opulent parks,’ he said.’
    • ‘In addition there should be a new streetscape created onto Kennedy Street.’
    • ‘Many of them have shown incredible imagination in making their centres better through improving streetscapes.’