Definition of street cries in English:

street cries

plural noun

  • The cries used by street traders to advertise their wares.

    • ‘Despite the passage of the new 1909 ordinance, resistance continued and street cries continued even after the new rules went into force on 1 January 1910.’
    • ‘It calls for a narrator - in my opinion, almost never a successful device, and certainly not here - as well as vocal soloists, in a brief passage of colonial street cries.’
    • ‘The first street cry of the day, shortly after cock-crow, was from the milkman, to the accompaniment of a timpani of clanking cans and ladles.’
    • ‘Anti-noise factions sent letters supporting the regulation of street cries.’
    • ‘In 1910 one Chicago wagon peddler, arrested under the new anti-noise ordinance banning street cries, had fought his conviction all the way to the Illinois Supreme Court, only to lose.’