Definition of streaming in English:



  • 1British attributive (of a cold) accompanied by copious running of the nose and eyes.

    ‘she's got a streaming cold’
    • ‘In a sandwich bar at lunchtime, a male member of staff with a streaming cold made sandwiches for customers.’
    • ‘People don't like ill people; walk into a pub with a streaming cold and people quite rightly discriminate against you.’
    • ‘Nursing a sore throat and streaming cold, Pixie should probably be tucked up in bed with a Lemsip.’
    • ‘Why do I always end up sitting next to a person with a streaming cold and cough at meetings?’
    • ‘The disease was described as like flu with blisters, on feet and mouth - which is close to what it's like for animals, a self-limiting disease like a streaming cold with sore feet.’
    • ‘Can you be suffering from a streaming cold and still look glamorous?’
    flowing, gushing, rushing, moving
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  • 2Computing
    attributive Relating to or making use of a form of tape transport in which data may be transferred in bulk while the tape is in motion.

    ‘a streaming tape drive’
    • ‘Snapshots are stored on disk, which provides fast, direct access rather than the slower mechanical streaming access provided by tape.’
    • ‘As a streaming technology, tape drives work best when data is coming to them at their rated speed.’
    • ‘The current technology for such machines is the streaming tape drive.’
    1. 2.1 (of data) transmitted in a continuous stream while earlier parts are being used.
      • ‘Many radio stations use the streaming capabilities of this format to transmit their programmes over the net.’
      • ‘They're even offering streaming versions of most of their new programs right on their website.’
      • ‘She has written and lectured about streaming media, net art and new media cultures.’
      • ‘For the first time in history, international streaming channels now outnumber channels from the US.’
      • ‘One blogger wrote how mad he was over the fact that the streaming video wasn't live, saying the clips were stale the moment they were up.’