Definition of streamflow in English:



  • The flow of water in a stream or river.

    • ‘But the states' streamflows and ground-water levels still haven't completely recovered from the small amounts of precipitation that fell this past fall and winter.’
    • ‘The streamflow information used for statistical computation in this study also is used for water management, monitoring floods and droughts, bridge design and many other uses.’
    • ‘The scarcity of long-term data precludes conclusive statements about the streamflow trends.’
    • ‘Many places in the East are already experiencing above-average streamflows and it won't take much rain to push rivers outside their banks.’
    • ‘Southwest Nebraska still remains a concern due to effects from the prolonged drought on hydrological components including streamflow rates and reservoir recharge.’
    • ‘We will have to deal with new conditions such as a shorter winter and not as much snowpack, in addition to a longer summer when there may be lower streamflows along with increases in the demand for water.’
    • ‘Convectional and frontal rainfall in summer and autumn is also an important source of water for streamflow generation.’
    • ‘A streamflow regime is the average pattern of seasonal variation in streamflow.’
    • ‘In 1999, for example, streamflow was at or below average for sites in the southern part of the state, and at or above normal for the northern part.’
    • ‘Field verification is often necessary in the wake of extreme weather or flooding to ensure that streamflow and stage calculations are accurate.’
    • ‘Accumulated streamflow volume since Jan.1 is considerably below last year's record setting year.’
    • ‘Critical snowpack data and streamflow projections will be released in early March and should tell us more about how severe water restrictions are likely to be for Platte River irrigators.’
    • ‘The mid-April snow storm will provide significant moisture for increased streamflow on the southern branch of the Platte River in Colorado.’
    • ‘Similarly, in the third study, scientists found that streamflows in most western rivers occur almost one to three weeks earlier now than they did in the middle of the 20th century.’
    • ‘The significant declines in reservoirs and the low streamflows are indicative of the deficiencies.’
    • ‘Significant improvements in streamflow rates on the Platte River upstream of Lake McConaughy are being observed.’
    • ‘Northeast, southwest, and southeast Nebraska have all experienced significant streamflow declines during the last 30 days.’
    • ‘The El Reno scientists are examining how high-tech seasonal forecasts and precipitation-trend data can be better used to gauge long-term effects on streamflow and water supplies.’