Definition of streamer in English:



  • 1A long, narrow strip of material used as a decoration or symbol.

    ‘plastic party streamers’
    figurative ‘a streamer of smoke’
    • ‘It is now colourfully decorated in balloons and streamers.’
    • ‘The apartment was decorated in gold streamers and lights.’
    • ‘The fourth room is overspilling with giggling, abandoned girls, empty bottles and party streamers.’
    • ‘From a large bag, he produced a party hat, streamers, a bottle of lemonade, sandwiches and a cake.’
    • ‘Chancing upon a brightly-lit restaurant, we push through the plastic streamers over the entrance and find a table.’
    • ‘Adorn your hallways and walls with gold streamers and place red material (or carpet, obviously, if you have it) at your door to greet guests in the proper manner.’
    • ‘Tom and Alanna were putting together platters full of snacks, Kristen was decorating the house with streamers and balloons, and Tom and Rachel were sent into town to buy soda and noisemakers.’
    • ‘It's a problem faced by vast numbers of Britons: the New Year blues descend before the streamers from the party poppers have been extracted from the light fittings.’
    • ‘The hall was decorated with black streamers and flowers.’
    • ‘I picked up the free end, causing the coils to rustle like party streamers.’
    • ‘But she surprised me by taking advantage of a brief exit to the washroom to decorate the campsite in streamers and balloons.’
    • ‘There were balloons and streamers and other traditional party decorations.’
    • ‘When they reached the decorated room, streamers and bubbles floated down onto the newly weds.’
    • ‘It reminded me of a party streamer unrolling across the sky.’
    • ‘There are silver balloons tied to the railing by the front stairs and streamers are decorating the path to the gym.’
    • ‘To really make your office Christmas party grand, you could include a variety of table decorations, streamers, party poppers and hats at the party.’
    • ‘They were streamers and party poppers all over our table for three.’
    • ‘The hall was decorated with multi-colored streamers, balloons and confetti, and on the stage there was a DJ mixing up popular tracks and dance music.’
    • ‘The gym was crowded and decorated with balloons and streamers.’
    • ‘The gym was decorated with streamers and colors for this special event.’
    pennant, pennon, flag, banderole, banner, standard, ensign, gonfalon, burgee
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    1. 1.1usually as modifier A banner headline in a newspaper.
      ‘a streamer head in the student paper’
      • ‘It wasn't only the streamer headline; there was a leading article in big type.’
      • ‘The irrelevance of the streamer headline in a world racked by wars and threats of wars alarmed some of the newspaper's well-wishers.’
    2. 1.2Fishing usually as modifier A fly with feathers attached.
      ‘a streamer fly’
      • ‘The flies I fish with are not the small streamers that you use on your local reservoir for trout.’
      • ‘I chose a fly fishing outfit with a very big streamer fly on a size 3/0 hook.’
      • ‘If you've time to spare, a day fishing above the bridge with fly gear picks out some huge garfish which are keen to take any type of streamer fly with silver or white in it.’
      • ‘The best flies are streamers, those big creations that imitate bait fish or large nymphs.’
      • ‘Also effective are the modern streamer tyings rather akin to the ‘Appetizer’ rainbow trout lure but finer dressed.’
      • ‘I cast a big streamer pattern on a size 6 hook hoping for a big trout.’
    3. 1.3Astronomy An elongated mass of luminous matter, e.g. in aurorae or the sun's corona.
      ‘above active sunspot regions coronal streamers may travel 140 million km into space’
      • ‘That uneven tug can stretch and shear the galaxy, over time, tearing out long streamers of stars and gas.’
      • ‘Coronal streamers are the most obvious features in those images, their shapes varying over the several hours of the data collection.’
      • ‘With the brilliant disk of the Sun blocked, the faint light of the corona reveals streamers of solar wind blowing out into space.’
      • ‘At solar minimum, the fast wind emerges from ‘holes’ in the Sun's corona, or atmosphere, near the poles and the slow wind from streamers near the equator.’
  • 2Computing

    short for tape streamer
    • ‘With the increase of hard drive capacities and the incredible success of the CD, most home users cannot even remember the existence of the good old backup-hardware called streamer.’
    • ‘You use another or the same hard disk drive, CD or DVD, floppy disks, streamers, etc.’
    • ‘The standard equipment for data backups is a tape drive, also known as a streamer.’
    • ‘‘Hardman has completed the preparation of seismic data over Lake Albert and it has completed modification on the new digital recording streamer,’ he said.’