Definition of strawberry roan in English:

strawberry roan


  • Denoting an animal having a coat which is chestnut mixed with white or grey.

    • ‘The other, called Toffee, is a strawberry roan miniature with a black mane, tail and forelock and black markings on his legs.’
    • ‘He felt sorry for her strawberry roan stallion because its rider was a horrible horsewoman.’
    • ‘‘Hey Sammy,’ Kris cooed, stroking the even white blaze on the massive strawberry roan quarter horse's face.’
    • ‘The rider was seen riding the nine-year-old strawberry roan pony, in the town centre.’
    • ‘Finally, she reached the small stable where her strawberry roan saddle horse was kept.’


  • A strawberry roan animal.

    • ‘The strawberry roan turned towards the blacksmith's and left the friends.’
    • ‘Outside, he swung himself onto the strawberry roan and kicked the horse.’
    • ‘Our task for the day was to place the Strawberry Roan on Dave's property.’
    • ‘Some strawberry roans have so many white hairs mixed in that they appear nearly pink.’
    • ‘Ria longed for Morgan, her strawberry roan with a white snip on his forehead.’