Definition of stratopause in English:



  • The interface between the stratosphere and the ionosphere.

    • ‘After the peak, the stratopause descended further, the upper stratosphere warmed, and the lower mesosphere cooled.’
    • ‘The greatest difference occurred in July, when the measured stratopause temperature was about 0 degrees Fahrenheit, compared to about 40 degrees Fahrenheit predicted by the models.’
    • ‘As for the northern hemisphere, there is general cooling of the atmosphere, i.e., around the stratopause and in the lower stratosphere from September to December-January.’
    • ‘In answer to your question about how the water vapour gets that high, water vapour is thrown into the stratopause by volcanic eruptions and remains trapped.’
    • ‘Also he mentioned that the altitude to the stratopause decreases from the north pole to the equator, then increases again slightly to the south pole, something which he found very interesting but didn't have an explanation for.’
    • ‘The mesosphere extends from the stratopause to about 90 km; together the stratosphere and mesosphere make up the middle atmosphere.’


1950s: from stratosphere, suggested by tropopause.