Definition of stratiform in English:



  • 1Arranged in layers.

    ‘stratiform clouds’
    • ‘The outlines of stratiform clouds are less distinct and often merge into layers with only slight vertical features.’
    • ‘Once the convective action of the cumulus cloud dies away, the residual mass of uplifted air, more or less stratiform, carries on or commences raining until its moisture has been rained out.’
    • ‘Richard Lindzen quoted it as being the effect of water vapour and stratiform clouds alone.’
    • ‘We added three sets of broadband solar radiometers mounted on an aircraft, which was flown over the site and above stratiform clouds at an altitude of 7 km.’
    1. 1.1Geology (of a mineral deposit) formed parallel to the bedding planes of the surrounding rock.
      • ‘For example, layered intrusions are subdivided into stratiform and contact deposits, with the stratiform deposits further subdivided into chromite and sulphide-associated deposits.’
      • ‘The older sample, a stratiform volcaniclastic layer (Hans-Platte) is collected from Bundenbach (Hunsrück), the type locality of the Lower Emsian Hunsrück Slate.’
      • ‘Syngenetic mineralization commonly occurs as beds that lie conformably within the layers of the host rocks and hence are called stratiform deposits.’
      • ‘The Lake Superior portion of the rift system is host to the world-class native-copper deposits of the Keweenaw Peninsula and the sediment-hosted stratiform copper sulfide deposit at the White Pine mine.’
      • ‘They can also be applied to the search for stratiform and superficial deposits.’
      • ‘This distribution defines an antithetic relationship between breccia facies in the red mudrock sequences and stratiform mineralization.’