Definition of stratal in English:



  • Relating or belonging to strata or a stratum.

    • ‘Depositional patterns within syn-tectonic stratal units give insights into the spatial characteristics of the fault zone at particular stages of its evolution.’
    • ‘The correlation is supported by an analysis of stratal expansion, throw development, and data on the sandstone ratio of corresponding footwall and hanging-wall intervals.’
    • ‘These stratal patterns have recently been described in detail and their significance fully discussed by Braga et al…’
    • ‘This stratal geometry is common in temperate carbonates.’
    • ‘This study demonstrates a close relationship between sedimentary styles and stratal geometries resulting from progradation of specific sedimentary systems.’
    • ‘This study exemplifies very clearly the sort of stratal geometries that result from the progradation of specific, temperate carbonate sedimentary systems.’
    • ‘Similar stratal geometries have been described from comparable levels in the Chalk of the North Sea, and in outcrop in Britain and France.’
    • ‘If these progradational features are indicative of true stratal geometries they suggest significant transport of sediment across the sea bed during deposition.’
    • ‘However, although many of the reflection terminations appear indicative of stratal truncation it may not be the only cause of reflection termination.’
    • ‘The basic characteristics of a stratal unit may be strongly controlled by source-area lithology.’
    • ‘The stratal geometries that are characteristic of the unconformity depend strongly on structural and geographical position within the basin.’
    • ‘Below the downward tapering cone, stratal geometries change to a dominantly convex-up form defining a minor, upwards pointing cone that is reminiscent of reactive diapir geometry.’
    • ‘Strong, continuous stratal reflections characterize the shallow subsurface on the upper and middle shelf.’