Definition of strappy in English:


adjectivestrappier, strappiest

  • (of shoes or clothes) having straps.

    ‘white strappy sandals’
    • ‘If public transit and traffic lights are still down in the morning, forget the strappy sandals and dress shoes.’
    • ‘I ran back down smiling as Susie presented me with black strappy shoes and the dress.’
    • ‘Don't try and pack the entire contents of your medicine cabinet and leave more room for that cute pair of strappy sandals.’
    • ‘Happily, I discovered a cool pair of strappy shoes in my closet.’
    • ‘Pencil thin models wearing strappy clothes peddle youth as the ultimate goal.’
    • ‘Keep your open, strappy sandals for pants or longer skirt where hosiery is not an issue.’
    • ‘Also popular are the clear vinyl shoes in strappy sandals some with changeable colored ribbon straps.’
    • ‘I walked alongside him in my new evening dress brought especially for the occasion, high heeled strappy shoes and a thin shawl draped across my bare back.’
    • ‘She held a shoebox with silver, strappy shoes and on the top, a necklace and earring set.’
    • ‘It also has a shimmer in it which is great if you are wearing strappy dresses and sandals.’
    • ‘Rafters appreciated the functionality of the strappy footwear enough to overcome any aversion to the odd look.’
    • ‘She said women can't go wrong wearing a slip dress and strappy shoes to a club.’
    • ‘The strappy sandals made her about a half-inch taller, she noted.’
    • ‘I had worn a pale pink halter, fitted black capris, and pink strappy sandals.’
    • ‘Do you know how hard it is to find plain old black shoes with covered toes, when all everyone is peddling seems to be strappy sandals in pink and blue?’
    • ‘My hoovering shoes are strappy sandals covered in pink glitter, with gold insoles.’
    • ‘She slid into some strappy sandals and walked out into the front room.’
    • ‘Six-thirty rolled around and I got dressed, putting on the glamorous red dress and strappy shoes.’
    • ‘I want to wear kitten heels and strappy sandals, I really do.’
    • ‘Forget bijou hats, floating chiffon and strappy sandals - ear-muffs, padded anoraks and sensible shoes are the required dress here.’