Definition of strap in English:



  • 1A strip of leather, cloth, or other flexible material, used to fasten, secure, or carry something or to hold on to something.

    ‘her bra strap’
    ‘the strap of his shoulder bag’
    • ‘A light rain falls on her shoulders as she pulls her purse up by its leather strap and sighs.’
    • ‘Adrian also says the hawk is trailing leather straps which tied it to a perch.’
    • ‘You never had to think about ribbon belts or decorative bra straps.’
    • ‘All over her were cuts and her clothing was ripped by the impact of the whip's leather strap.’
    • ‘They wore wine satin ballerina-length dresses with shoestring straps, and carried smaller versions of the bride's bouquet.’
    • ‘My mother swayed over to the door in her black leather shoes, straps strangling her white ankles and heels.’
    • ‘Slung across his shoulder on a leather strap was a wicker basket.’
    • ‘Carry handbags with short straps; those that sling a long way down are easy targets’
    • ‘The canteen was a hard leather flask with straps to tie it to a belt.’
    • ‘Combined with a fetching ensemble of white leather belts and straps, the effect is arresting.’
    • ‘She took a leather strap and buckled it around my wrist, attaching the dagger to it, pulling the sleeve down to conceal the weapon.’
    • ‘I am quite sure however, that shampoo and leather straps would be involved at certain points in the process.’
    • ‘The painting shows the collectors transporting the trees in large clay pots carried on straps.’
    • ‘Over his battle tunic went the clean white leather belts and honest straps.’
    • ‘The leather strap of her shoulder holster had been oiled.’
    • ‘Two clips sat on either side of the leather carry strap.’
    • ‘But the leather straps are splattered with paint from foolishly decorating in them once, so they could really do with an entire replacement at some point.’
    • ‘It had school satchel style leather straps and buckles instead of Velcro or twist fasteners.’
    • ‘He slipped it back into the scabbard and then picked up the streamlined sniper rifle, slinging it over his shoulder by its leather strap.’
    • ‘Velcro closures keep the case securely closed, and there's a strap for belt carry.’
    thong, tie, cord, band, belt, tape
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    1. 1.1 A strip of metal, often hinged, used to fasten or secure something.
      • ‘The skis are in excellent condition, one binding is missing the metal strap and spring and they have a nice set of cane poles.’
      • ‘This frame has a leather mat and hanging strap, and is fringed with scrap yarn.’
      • ‘The sharp tool or grinder initiated a crack in the underlying metal strap which runs around the circumference of the fuselage.’
      • ‘The hinges are flat straps across the front, which bend over the pintles and form a short neat strap on the back, ending in split curls.’
      • ‘Zips plugged into straps that had a combination lock, topped of with a wax seal.’
      • ‘A pinafore of wire mesh and cement hangs by metal straps from its shoulders.’
      • ‘The hinge straps are designed like little twigs.’
      • ‘The application is decorative, not structural, as evidenced by the metal straps suspending the logs.’
      • ‘We also noted at the time of our inspection that there is considerable frost damage to the brickwork and that the metal restraining straps are rusting.’
      • ‘Good looks, lightweight construction, and tough as an old hinge strap; that's a hard combination to beat.’
    2. 1.2the strap Punishment by beating with a strip of leather.
      ‘when Fred was naughty he'd give him the strap’
      • ‘Constantly, she reminded herself that it was normal - everyone else got the strap and it was only a matter of time until she did.’
      • ‘Most kids were never given the strap because they knew better.’


  • 1with object and adverbial of place Fasten or secure in a specified place or position with a strap.

    ‘I had to strap the bag to my bicycle’
    ‘the children were strapped into their car seats’
    • ‘She put ice in a bag, and strapped it to her back with clear shipping tape.’
    • ‘She sighed and stuffed a few essentials into a small drawstring bag, and strapped the sword and dagger around her waist.’
    • ‘And only hours after yesterday's tragedy in Lincolnshire firefighters had to strap a car to a fire engine to stop it falling on to the East Coast mainline.’
    • ‘I clamber onto the roof, helping to strap bags down with small bits of rope and bandanas.’
    • ‘But isn't it against the law to have a small child not be strapped into a car seat?’
    • ‘The large man took another short pull from the bag and then strapped it back in place by the side of his pack.’
    • ‘They're strapped into a special car seat for the bike.’
    • ‘If I was going to climb to altitude in a plane with a wing about to come off, I certainly wanted my parachute leg straps fastened!’
    • ‘Later, strapped into our positions we descend through the cloud, our stomachs bouncing as we hit the turbulence.’
    • ‘The guns and knives were securely strapped to the many compartments of the bag assuring his own safety.’
    • ‘The upper level contained gear, strapped, buckled and secured for the flight, every inch of space utilized for the transport.’
    • ‘However, Jack Sanderson, the test pilot, says this will not bother him because he will be securely strapped in and too busy to notice.’
    • ‘If you fancy carrying Labradors and green wellies in the back of this car, make sure they are securely strapped in.’
    • ‘He'd been strapped securely, according to the guy who'd put him in the harness, to a soldier's back for the descent.’
    • ‘He set off into the woods, and strapping the bag around his neck, he stopped near a rabbit's warren.’
    • ‘Thorn tightly strapped the bags and items to her mare's back.’
    • ‘After strapping the shoes securely to my feet, I ran down the stairs and to my black truck.’
    • ‘He said the problem of children not being strapped into cars seemed to be particularly acute in Bradford.’
    • ‘He once more shook his head and strapped his supply bag over his shoulder.’
    • ‘The spokeswoman added that the crew might have to wait for hours strapped in sitting positions before blast-off.’
    fasten, secure, tie, bind, make fast, lash
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    1. 1.1British with object Bind (an injured part of the body) with adhesive plaster.
      ‘the goalkeeper's knee was strapped up’
      • ‘He was also battling injury, with his calf strapped up, but he had the advantage of a surface that played to his strengths.’
      • ‘Last year, Borovikova tore a ligament in her shoulder, but she simply strapped up her arm and carried on with the Sleeping Beauty tour.’
      • ‘His hand was strapped up and he played on, such is the mentality in rugby league, and it was only afterwards that an X-ray revealed he had broken the bone.’
      • ‘His injured joint was bruised purple and green and strapped up like Tutankhamun.’
      • ‘Yes, I tore ligaments in my ankle which, strapped up, made it almost impossible to surf competitively.’
      • ‘He crossed the line in four hours 53 minutes on April 18, having run all the way with his knee strapped up.’
      • ‘Other treatments you can carry out at home include strapping the damaged joint, for example using an elastic knee support.’
      • ‘Although he completed the round his wrist was later strapped up and the early opinion of his management company was that he could be out of action for some time.’
      • ‘It took several minutes for the game to resume as his leg was strapped by the ambulance crew.’
      • ‘He is still on anti-inflammatory drugs and would have his shoulder strapped up for the game.’
      • ‘On the bench, Claudio Reyna's left leg is all strapped up.’
      • ‘If the sprain is in a finger, it also helps if you strap the injured finger to the next larger finger to it.’
      • ‘PG has hobbled off to work, leg strapped up and looking none too fit for the job to be honest and I'm about to do the same.’
      • ‘‘His arm's all strapped up at the moment and he'll probably need a lot of physiotherapy,’ his brother said.’
      • ‘Back in '83, they were strapped up with bandages by the final Test.’
      • ‘‘The ankle is all strapped up but the damage has been done,’ he said.’
      • ‘After liposuction, the treated area will be firmly strapped with bandages or elasticated tape.’
      bandage, bind
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  • 2with object Beat (someone) with a strip of leather.

    ‘I expected when my dad walked in that he'd strap him’
    • ‘A man who sued the Catholic Church after being strapped by a schoolteacher 17 years ago was awarded more than £1 million damages yesterday.’
    • ‘The teachers were always yelling and threatening everyone and strapping us with a leather belt.’
    beat, flog, whip, leather, belt, thrash, lash, horsewhip, birch, cane, strike, hit, clout
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Late 16th century (denoting a trap for birds, also a piece of timber fastening two objects together): dialect form of strop.